Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nova Scotia Surf Trip and Acorn Photos

Two weeks ago Walter and some friends made a trip out to Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia hoping that the predicted swell would hit in the 40 hour window they had out there (I think it was like a 22 hr drive each way and then they had about a day and a half on the beach before turning back). Luckily it all came together and they were able to get some good waves. Adam Cornick from Acorn Photography took some really beautiful pictures of Walter one day at sunset and wrote a great article on his blog. Check it out: So now Walter has surfed Canada's east coast (Nova Scotia), west (Tofino), the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal and Lakes Ontario and Erie. I've done the same except not the east coast. Right now I really want to get out to Newfoundland. Check out Adam's Photograph Blog and read his post on surfing in Nova Scotia...

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