Monday, February 27, 2012

A few things I'm interested in right now....

I was lucky enough to see this book on the "Best Bets' shelf at my local library after reading a few pages about six months ago that I couldn't forget.

Little Bee is the story of a young Nigerian girl who becomes a refugee in England after fleeing war in her homeland. While I'm not sure the novel 'Little Bee' is so breathtaking, I think the character of Little Bee is. Since the only way you can meet the character of Little Bee is by reading the novel, I suggest you do just that.

Quite delicious 'ice cream' that a friend introduced me to on Friday, Coconut Bliss is actually pure coconut milk, vanilla, agave, and shredded coconut.

Funny thing about the timing of this frozen dessert is that someone mentioned to me at work the day before that he had gone home and eaten a can of coconut milk for dinner as he had nothing else in the house. Of course we had a good time laughing at his expense over this (he actually ate the entire can with a spoon). Fast forward one day and I'm enjoying this fancy frozen dessert which is essentially a can of frozen coconut milk.

A picture of Walter hurtling over a mangrove swamp in Guatemala last year. We were on a sort of dugout canoe propelled by an outbound motor over this muddy water and through different twisting channels create by the mangrove. At one point we passed a break in the mangrove roots where on tiny silty island the bloated body of some animal or another was being feasted upon by a dozen or so birds. I think we were as shocked by what we saw as they were by us - they all stopped their picking and pecking to turn and watch us pass before resuming their unidentified meal.

Phrases I hope to continue to use in this blog; local library, hurtling, coconut bliss

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