Monday, March 19, 2012

Girl you know you got to watch your health...

Couple things....

After a year of waiting I finally (finally!) got my hair wrap done last Sunday. Stay tuned for a more detailed shot. Reviews have been mixed.

A friend sent me an ecopy of this book and I am laughing through the whole thing. I always loved checking out her old blog Stuff I've Bought That I Love

You might consider this book a deeper, more introspective version of the blog.

Sold out show in Toronto tonight....maybe next time.

Yay Toby!


  1. OK, i'm so unobservant when it comes to hair. I never noticed anything. I hope you weren't offended!

    Oh, also, I don't notice things because my head is always in the cloud. Did I tell you, when I went to the airport to drop my grandma off, I was walking but totally thinking about something else, and apparently I walked by four police officers arresting a man, and I never noticed because I was too spaced out.

  2. This is too funny.

    And no, not offened that you didn't notice my hair accessory!